Gureghian Charitable Foundation Qualifications:

  1. 3.2 GPA
  2. PSSA proficiency
  3. No major disciplinary or attendance issues
  4. Teacher recommendations
  5. Written essay - Please submit with this application an essay describing why you, the student, are scholarship worthy.
  6. Meeting with a foundation representative
  7. Acceptance letter and financial commitment from private high school



In order for your child to be considered for scholarship you MUST submit the following documents with this application:

  • Final 6th and 7th grade report cards
  • Most recent 8th grade report card
  • 6th and 7th grade PSSA Scores
  • High School Placement Test Scores
  • Copy of acceptance letter from prospective high school
  • Copy of financial aid award from prospective high school
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from teachers on provided ADVIS forms o Copy of most recent 1040 and W2 Tax form
  • Complete PFS (Parents’ Financial Statement) on     
         ~ Contact Mark Battinieri for fee waiver

*Each parent/guardian is responsible for providing The Gureghian Charitable Foundation with a hard copy of the 1040 & W2 forms as well as completing the online PFS.  

**The Gureghian Charitable Foundation is an extremely competitive scholarship program designed to bridge the gap of affordability for families of qualified students looking for admission to a private or parochial high schools. Completing this application and submitting it by the due date does not ensure scholarship funding, either partial or full, for the applicant. To be considered for scholarship, the student must meet strict criteria.