Vahan and Danielle Gureghian


The belief that all students can succeed if given the right opportunities is a tenet that the Gureghians passionately support.  The Gureghian Charitable Foundation was founded on the notion that financially disadvantaged students can have a chance to compete and succeed if the educational divide between the privileged and the underprivileged narrows and educational opportunities for the underprivileged widens.  Through the Foundation, the Gureghians provide graduating eight grade students with opportunities to attend high performing high schools in the Greater Philadelphia region, as well as providing computers and assisting families with high speed internet access through the Internet Essentials program offered by Comcast.  

As the founder and CEO of CSMI, LLC, an educational management company, Mr. Gureghian believes that by applying basic business management principles to schools and separating the business of operating a school from academics, teachers and administrators are free to focus on what they do best - educating students.   That operating philosophy, combined with educational innovations that empower students, is helping to change outcomes and reverse negative trends.  Likewise, Mrs. Gureghian shares in her husband’s belief that teachers and academic leaders perform best when they are not distracted by the business of operating a school.

The Gureghians are committed to the growth of alternative education options that provide choice in public education for parents and students in America’s most disadvantaged school districts.  The Gureghian Charitable Foundation is proud of the Chester Community Charter School graduates’ innumerable achievements.  Through the assistance of the Foundation, these graduates have attended some of the area’s best high schools.  The Gureghians look forward to the continued success of the students that they support.  They know that these children will grow up to be the future of our great nation, and with a strong educational background, great success will follow them throughout their lives.